Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank you for a good semester

Thanks for a good semester, and good luck next fall with new courses here, or wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing after graduation.  Please feel free to email me with new work or news of your creative life.  Remember Gnomon videos and subscribing to if you want to learn more, and remember to intentionally fight for personal creative time to continue develop your creativity.  Try working without deadlines, and working until the work is just exactly what you want.  No one knows how long you worked, they only know what you created.  You can use the 80% rule when judging others (ie let it go), but the 110% rule when judging your own work.  This is easier when you give yourself - take for yourself - the time for iterations, polishing, redoing after new inspration, throwing out, putting in, rethinking, refeeling,  reknowing.  Save flattened copies along the way. Good luck on your continuing creative evolution.

I will have the work at the Village in my office.  And I have the work from the VIST show there too. But I am gone to Berkeley CA for the summer.  If you are near there during June and July, send me an email at and we can meet for lunch.  What will I be doing there?  Art!

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