Sunday, May 13, 2012

Talks and Videos

Last week I burned a cd of my paintings and slipped it under the door to your office, I hope you found it!

Blue Sky
Blue sky talked about their method for creating clouds. There was so much technical work involved, it was a bit difficult for me to follow. I thought the results they showed from Rio were beautiful, and I was really impressed by the complexity of their process.

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts talked about what it takes to be a TA at their company. It seems like this position required a lot of technical skills, but very little art. Personally, their talk just confirmed my lack of interested in the gaming industry.

Pixar actually begun by talking about their facilities in California, which really gave a feel for how fun it would be to work there. Then they got into the work they did on Cars2, really getting into the process it takes to get a final shot. It was interesting to see how the shots progressed with each step- from story all the way to final lighting. After their talk, I wanted to watch a few Pixar movies so I could really appreciate how amazing the final product is.

Gnomon Videos:
Creature Design Illustration- Nick Pugh
In this video he takes one of his creature drawings and paints it in Photoshop. He used a picture of his daughter to use for his color palette. Using the color-picker, he takes color directly from the photograph begins to block in color on the creature drawing. After he achieves the tones he likes, he reduces the opacity on the brush and begins to detail and blend-in the drawing. The reason he uses this method of color-picking, is to render believable lighting and color on his creature.

How to Draw Cars- Scott Robertson
This video is essentially how to draw cars in different perspectives. In this lesson he refers back to one of his older videos on basic perspective drawing, and applying those skills to draw cars. When he draws cars, he begins by drawing ellipsis (the tires) and creates references and guidelines to begin drawing the proportions of the car...It's been a while since I've done a technical drawing, so this video was a fun way of brushing up on doing rough drawings in perspective.

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