Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It is up to Y'all and Donna

Hi, still sick.  Saw doctor, got drugged and cat (sp?)-scanned, still sick.
Here is what happens at 2:30 or so on Thursday.  Good Luck!  Mary

So Donna said she would help hang the show downtown. 
Pick up work at my office c 2:30, hang c 3:00.
TITLE, YOUR NAME, PHONE, EMAIL on back:  hope some of you can do this.
   USE PENCIL:  Don't let ink get on another image.  
STUFF NEEDED:  Pics and Posters in my office; laser thing to align work (Bill should have it),
Labels from Catherine or in my mailbox, sticky corner squares in my mailbox. Should also be a book where people can write what they think.  Anything can work.  I may not get to this.  Anyone have something?
WHAT GOES WHERE:  Make sure image Has clean surface, without dust, etc.
Information panel is to left of door when you look from inside to outside,
Probably self portraits arranged nicely on wall to left also, nearest bar.  Should be a lable for each - at least if I know about it.  We can wing it of need be.
Hang self portraits not perfectly in a row, but whatever looks good. Usually right facing on left side facing toward center, etc for other side. 
Probably art direction on right wall wall as you look out.  Also put nearby art based on that:  character design, etc.
Probably A&M future pics along wall after bar and toward back, probably in groups of 4: two above two with cross of space between 4 pics, and labels toward the outside left and right.  Got it?
What ever looks good.
Probably lots of your original art wherever space is left!
Posters with arrows pointing to Vizagogo show next door - back to back in window of door o rnext to that,  Arrow should point toward Federal Building across alley.
LABELS are with Catherine.  Stick on wall, to left of pic, bottom flush with bottom of pic or directly belowimage flush at left edge - or whatever Donna says.
STICK UP with little square sticky things I got at Michael's.  Hope this works.
Put more on pics that need more. Press hard after stuck up to help it stick.
SIGNATURE:  Should be in PSD file already.  If not, you can sign:   don't smear. Do't overpower image.
LEAVE WITH ME:  burn DVD of all work including these pics These pics should have a flat PSD file, so edition number can be added if any are purchased.
Enjoy party that evening.  Show up UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH.
Invite people to your  show.  Put it on your resume.

Hang in there.
... and THANKS to the good peple who put up Wednesday's show.

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