Monday, May 14, 2012


1.     Paul Debevec

He is head of the graphics laboratory at the institute of creative technologies. He talked about the progression of making 3d things look fake to making it look real and believable and how they have developed technology to make facial 3d models look believable and crossing the uncanny valley in particular Avatar and spider man.

2.     Tim Fields
He talked about the gaming industry and how its being fragmented out in that there are more opportunities for people to become a part of it. How different platforms are making it easier for more freelance people to work on new games.
3.     Blue Sky

Talked about how they were able to get light to interact with clouds in an effective and cheap render wise. Developed a cloud generator and created a library with different seeds. Having a team of a few people working on specific things.

Gnomon Tutorials

Lighting with Materials:
It was very useful in that it helped me learn more about shading and how to apply to a 3d model. The artist who made the tutorial was very good at explaining how to make the material and how lighting and shading should be applied.

Maya fluid tutorial

The artist Wayne Hollingsworth gave a very good tutorial on how to create believable fire. The tutorial taught me how to add texture to the Maya fluids and using the dynamic fields to make a smoke bomb effect. It also gave a good explanation on how to create oil and wispy smoke as well as how to create ground dust.

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