Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Project

For my final I created a spaceship using industrial design techniques.
Blocked out some shapes with charcoal brush to generate some ideas:
Sketched out one of the designs in 3/4 perspective:
Drew over with cleaner linework and added values:

Artist Talks
Adrew Ellis Johnson
Paul Debevec
Tim Fields

Gnomon Videos
Scott Robertson- Industrial Design Rendering - Bicycle
  trace drawing using path tool in PS to outline all the forms then shade afterward
  airbrush lights and shadows using "preserve transparency" to keep sharp edges
  add more paths for absolute white specular, erase soft edges into them
  learned: metal flake texture can be made with color dodging the hotspots with same hue, lighter color

David Levy - From Speed Painting to Concept Art
  create complex brushes by compounding simpler brushes, and changing opacity, scattering, and angle jitter settings
  gives you free high detail, even with speedpaintings
  use same brushes really big to brainstorm design ideas for structures and vehicles
  learned: use sharpen filter before saving brush preset

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