Saturday, May 12, 2012


For my final project I wanted to redraw my character from the Hansel and Gretel assignment with a different, more illustrative approach. I chose a green color pallet (it worked well with my original composition), and kept my painting loose, as i like to see the energy that my brush strokes leave, and I'm not really all that great at keeping it tight.
Here's the progression of her portrait (reference used after the first sketch (haven't gotten permission from the artist yet...)):

Here is the rest of her body, where i decided that it would be fun to mix a flat, graphic style with the painterly appearance of her skin (inspiration):

For the background, I wanted to continue the interplay of the different styles, use a Japanese ukiyo-e theme, and try out different stock brushes in PS (inspiration, inspiration2 ):

And combined together (with some contextual shadows added)(if you want to see it larger, right-click the image and open in a new tab):

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