Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stephanie Soriano - Brushes

Cameron's Brushes

Brushes (Chris)


Kathy's Self Portrait

Amber's Self Portrait

Glen's Brushes

Sage's Brushes

Laura's Brushes

Some cool brushes! It's a leaf brush and a brush made with dots.

Krista's Brushes

HEY LOOK! It's a couple snazzy brushes by Eric Pavik


Here are two brushes I created! I used a picture I took of a barn for one of my textured brushes.

Jose's brushes.

Amber's Brushes

HEY LOOK! It's Eric Pavik


just playing with brushes

Niki Harris

To try to keep myself organized, I am going to post anything I submit here.

I lost my original speed paint, so here is quite literally a speed paint of Queen Nefertiti

Perspective study

Self Portrait 2, Finished

Self Portrait 2, with sketch lines

Self Portrait 2 WIP

That being said, here are my self portraits. I did two the first day and am posting both since I couldn't decide which I liked better.

Disney version!!

My brushes, based off ground textures.


compositions made with my brushes. one from andy warhol's "knives," the other from a texture found online

Self-Portrait 1



Self-Portrait (chris 1)

This is my first attempt at the self portrait. Trial number two coming soon hopefully better. This is without custom brushes. My next will be with brushes that are custom. And uploaded with a smile. :) It is also unfinished, but I am abandoning it.

Brush, Self Portraits 1 & 2, prints: due dates

Brushes:  Please post by class time today or right after,  Due T 1/31.
Self Portrait 1:  Please post by class time Due Th 2/2.  
Self Portrait 2:  Today is photoshoot in preparation for Self Portrait 2
How do you want to appear in the shot?
Download your shots.
Study DPT 126-163, Humans.  Use carefully to guide Self Portrait 2.
Work in class Th 2/2 & T 2/7; Please post by class time Due Th 7/9.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Self-Portrait (Caleb)

Useful brushes that someone else made

This is my favorite set of brushes that I thought I'd share with everyone. With a little practice, you can paint almost anything with these brushes, and get incredible details and textures with some simple layering.

If you're interested, the download link is near the top right of the page. The artist has also been generous enough to make them free to use, meaning you don't have to give him credit in any artwork you produce with this brush.

Here's an example painting the same artist did using these brushes: 

Brushes (Caleb Kicklighter)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Custom Brushes

Here are two brushes I made that might be useful for future paintings:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Please choose 3 artist talks

Artists will give talks on Mondays in the Wright Gallery, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm:

Jan. 23: Leah Buechley             Feb. 6: Andrew Ellis Johnson          Feb 20: Hooper Turner
Mar. 26: Thecla Shchiphorst     April 9: Jack Stenner                        March 5: Claudia Chaseling
Please choose 3. Put on your calendar.  First is next Monday.
Be prepared to discuss for a few minutes at the beginning of Tuesday's class. 
For more information:http://www.viz.tamu.edu/faculty/lurleen/air/