Monday, March 5, 2012

schedule this week: finish concept art

Week 3.  Final Details, Light, Mood
T  3/6    due:  posting of WIP to blog
                due:  dramatic developed image
                Work on color, details, haze, atmospheric persp., light, highlights, reflections, & shadows          
                Please give your work DEPTH with some indication of surroundings and space.
                Layer space into foreground, middleground, and background... at least MG & BG.
                Color lecture   
Th 3/9   Work day:  most of you need background developed!
                (Much imagination, creativity, and progress today!)
T 3/20   WORK DUE PRINTED first class after Spring Break

Agopolis: The Movie

(This is repeated from the handout for this assignment.)
File size:  16” tall x 24” wide @ 300 ppi.  24" wide is minimum width.  You could go 30."
This can be printed upstairs on paper which is 17” wide by any length.  (It is on a roll.)
Our computers are calibrated to upstairs Viz printer on third floor.

The future:  A science fiction fantasy has been written by an Aggie.  The book is a success, and a big-budget sci-fi movie is in the works.  The movie is set far in the future.  Since all education now takes place online, the buildings on the plains of central Texas have fallen into disuse and decay.   Tribes of hackers, rebels, old Aggies, great chefs, and interactive artists have set up communes in the buildings, and created environments to their liking. 

Environment:  Climate change has taken effect:  The climate has shifted to hot with tropical vegetation – or to an eternal winter.
The decaying buildings emerge from water – a giant lake?  The sea has come in 150 miles from Galveston?

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