Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amber: Agopolis & Concept Art Progress




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  1. Nice work. Notice a problem with separation of foreground and middleground however. The closest big broken column does not visually separate from the big bridge element - as it actually did in your WIP. Can you see why? Can you separate them? You also miss out on the greater depth of the WIP in the distance: the warmer color comes forward. Also there was a paler vertical streak in the WIP that implied even MORE distance - anothe layer of pale, blue, low-chroma distance. See? Oh, and also the sidewalk lays flatter in the first one. The red color and pattern make it look like a geometric form, not a path laying down on the ground plane. See? Also the shadows explained that it was flat on the ground in the WIP. So you improved the image, but still need to separaate layers more to maintain - and increase - depth. Yes I know the sky is red, but you as an artist can use any trick you want, including the making the distance bluer!