Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Agopolis - Krista


  1. This has some good ideas, including foreground and background elements, and addition of water. However that are some problems. Reflections go straight down, shadows go at an angle depending on the light source. Remember your drawing course :-) Can you make the building more round? Can you put the level of the water higher behind the building so that the building does not rest right on the level of the water but appears more as if it is on a spit of land? Also,the way you have indicated leaves is not strong. You may prefer to just leave them out? Dunno.... This looks like it was done rapidly, and needs more refinement. Take some time to think about it, and work on it. Can the trees in the background seem to be more distant depending on how far each is from the viewer. They seem to be in a line across the image, but these would probably be lighter as and more aqua as they move back in space even a little. I very much like the send of light in the distance.

  2. Krista, please post the one you printed. Much more interesting I think! Good job. Not that this one is "bad". It has a lot of mystery with distant turquise, and strange trees in FG, but it is more complicated. Both look like you enjoyed making them. They look effortless, but as you know - as I know - art that looks effortless usually actually is not ;-)