Thursday, March 29, 2012

Class Today: To Do

I will be late for class today.
I am on a committee requiring me to be absent for part of the class.

Please do the following during this work day:

Use paper cutter in classroom (hope it works) to cut your Agopolis pics so the there is a bit of white all around - if it 1/2" on one side, for example, make it the same as that all  around.  (If you need to matte these you will need the white space.)  Please post on wall across from class room for parents' weekend.  Please do carefully, of course.

Please post your Work in Progress for your Art Direction group.
Post whatever you have: sketches?  narrative? reference images?  ???
Please post using tags:  Your Name, Art Direction, Name of Group
You can look at other classes and see how they approach the same problem:  a learning experience.

Thank you, and Gig'em.

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