Sunday, March 11, 2012

ARTS 325: Final 6 weeks

Hello Students,

For the final 6 seeks I have planned 2 projects of 3 weeks each.

1)   Art Direction collaborative project: 5 students design new characters and settings for a common fairy tale, including intensity chart and color script, design of 3 characters, concept art for 2 settings, and poster uniting all.  (This should satisfy people interested in character design, or concept art, and the big picture.)

2)   Independent project of your choice, any subject, any size, any way in PS.  Recommended:  concept art of a place that integrates characters into it.  Some students in the past made application to a prestigious competition by Lucasfilm (no requirements from them yet) (see last year’s blog).

However, since this may be your last semester here, you may have an urgency to study something else that you missed along the way and that you need for your future.  Let us see if the course is flexible enough to consider alternative problems for you.  Please email me if you have any thoughts on this (  We will discuss this the first class after spring break. 



PS  Please remember your work is due that day.  Print upstairs where printer is calibrated to your computer in the lab.  Use the roll of good proofing paper that is there.  Make sure your work is minimum 300 ppi, and printed at high or highest setting.  Check door for access times.

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