Thursday, February 2, 2012

Self Portrait 1 - Laura Murphy


  1. I think I like this the best of everything you did this semester. Did you print it for the show downtown? Can you please? It is the most original and least rushed. After this work, a very busy semester took over and I often missed the thoughtful quality and inspiration needed to make top notch work. I hope you are soon blessed with quiet time to think and create and explore and study. (I am looking forward to that myself this coming summer.) I think I should only teach this course in the fall - which I will do next fall. Maybe that would help.

    1. Yes, I printed 2 of this. And I also wish I wouldn't have rushed as much on my other paintings, haha. I did find this class very inspiring though. I really want to try out some more paintings over the summer, try some new techniques, and perhaps rent some more gnomon videos =D

      As for moving the class only to the fall, I am not sure that would be better. I have found that the fall is consistently busier than the spring. This just happened to be a particularly busy spring - the busiest one I have had. But maybe this trend has changed since I have gone through the courses, or maybe it's just how my semesters have worked out.