Monday, February 13, 2012

PRINT TODAY 2-5, Viz Epson Printer!

Printing TWO (2) prints of both self portraits for crit Tuesday:
The print lab on the 3rd floor of Building C (off small hallway at front of building) is open from 2-5 today, Monday; John Pettingill will be there.
(Create file at 300 ppi resolution or higher.  Print as large as you can, probably. 16" x 100" is available - so 16" x 20" etc is good, but pick what you want.) 
Leave space around print for places for tacks that will not be in image area.
After work is printed, handle it carefully and let it dry. 

Print settings at Viz Printer are preset at highest setting.
Please use custom print settings if you print somewhere else:
Chose in Print Settings:  Media Type: Enhanced Matte Paper;  Mode: Advanced Settings;
Quality not Speed;  Print Quality:  Photo - 1440dpi or 720dpi;  Unclick High Speed.

Media Center, first floor Langford Building A, and Copy Corner are also good places.

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