Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Niki--Library In Decay

Post-apocalyptic Evans Library in decay WIP. It's roughly 100 years into the future and global warming has brought the Gulf of Mexico to College Station's doorstep. The campus is abandoned, as everyone has headed for the hills--flooding is frequent in the area--but not before clearing out the main fixtures. Evans is being reclaimed by nature.
FINAL Tues March 20

Thurs 8 March

Tues 6 March

Thurs 1 March

Tues 28 Feb
Photos taken of the library

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  1. Excellent description. Good beginning: you are starting to create a mood. This should be 16" tall by 24" wide. If you add more space on left (or right or both) you will have more room to put your image in context - more room to let your imagination continue to take over.