Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PLEASE READ: Schedule for rest of the semester

Thursday in class:   
enter info for labels at Podium Mac.

Have work printed by Thursday if you can.
Can spray and glue and cut in class Thursday.
If you want final in show, can print and prepare Thursday, or later.

Must have work for UG VIZ Show by 9 am, Wed 5/2, to Me at Geren when we put up show.
No foamcore!  Can use previous print made earlier in semester.  Cut to size you want.
9 am W 5/2 Geren:  help hang work!

Must have work glued and cut for Village Cafe Show 
by Wed 5/2 in MacLab, or Th 5/3, after 3 pm, at the Village Cafe downtown Bryan
*Self portraits with an inch of black around image that you cut to correct size.
*Other work cut to size, glued to best size foamcore to fit it.
Then cut so there is no border: image and backing foamcore are same size.
Meet at MacLab at 2:30, Th 5/3, and collect all work!
Go directly to Village Cafe, & hang show after 3 pm.

Can be due Thursday, last class, printed for shows
Can be submitted to me digitally
Can come in for shows on W 5/2 Geren, or Th 5/3 Village.  See above.
Can come in as late as Th May 10 digitally for grading.

Burn a DVD and slip under my office door by May 10 or much earlier!  Hand to me if I am there.
Put ALL WORK from the semester:  PSDs in layers.  Reports of 3 lectures and 2 Gnomon videos.
Need this for final grading.

Sorry so much info.

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