Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hansel and Gretel Project: Schedule, etc


May 3      T:    DUE:  WIP posted to blog
May 5   TH:     DUE:   Preliminary Critique of work posted to blog
May 10    T:     DUE:  Final Critique of work posted to blog
May 12 TH:     DUE:  Poster 24” x 34" (or ??) Printed on Viz printers 3rd floor, Langford C.
                      DUE:  High Res Image of Poster downloaded to Saslow Drive 
                      DUE:  High Res Image of  work of each individual downloaded to Saslow 


1.  Research and Influences
A page of artists or films. etc that you find inspirational in developing your concept

2.  Plot Points, Intensity Chart, and Color Script
-Divide your story into manageable sections.  Write 1 sentence for each on a numbered list.
-Graph these plot points on intensity chart.
-Make a color script of tiny abstract images that represent their color story and communicate the emotional arc of the intensity chart.  (This can be made of images grabbed from the internet, just make sure to run a filter of some kind on them, so we don't focus on the image content.)

3.   Environment design for the gingerbread house and woods, or equivalent

4.   Character Designs for Hansel, Gretel, and the Witch; and One Pic of All Together
-Three Model Sheets with front, ¾ view, and side view
Drawn together at same scale
             Include action pose also
-One Drawing of All Three Characters Together

References in 3D Character Design
1)  Cartoon Animation, Preston Blair

     pp. 10-11, 12-13, 40-41, 74-75, 90-91, 96-97, 160-163, 212-213
2)  http://tooninstitute.awn.com/main.html  
     Larry’s Toon Institute  ->  Lessons  ->  Animation -> Character Model Sheets
3)  Creating Characters with Personality, Tom Bancroft
     pp. 14-21, 28-43 (particularly 30-31), 57, 118-119, 136-137,
4)  Readings from our Textbook DPT 
     These emphasize painting of characters after they are designed
     Creatures:              Creature Concept Design 101, p. 100, Design process                       
    Complete Projects: The Making of Funfair,  p. 226, Strong, graphic image
     Sci-fi & Fantasy:     Sci-fi Knight, p. 198, Painterly technique

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