Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Five Sages- Gretel WIP2


  1. cool. nice variations. I like the look of the second one, reminds me of Heavenly Sword. Might be too sexy for this project though. These all feel like warriors. Do you favor warriors over mages? Either way is cool with me. Maybe we could walk the line between both--battlemage! I don't like the style of the third very much. She looks more like egyptian royalty than a gladiator.

  2. A lot of the earlier ones I did were very mage like, so I thought I'd work on making them more warrior, but I'm not sure which direction to go in?
    I think the second and fourth are my favorite, I don't think theyre 'too sexy'- but if they are, I could always change it a bit.
    Hoping to hear more thoughts on whether to push things towards more mage-like or warrior...

  3. I would definitely say go more mage like. It makes the two feel a little more childlike and helpless, before the big encounter with the "witch".